Welcome To UGTE/ उगते Restaurant

Our multi-cuisine family restaurant is a vibrant, lively, and fun space that is suitable for all types of dining occasions. Offering a blend of modern culinary styles with friendly and engaging service, it takes its inspiration from the early ages of culinary evolution.
UGTE Restaurant is located in the “Golden Triangle of Uttarakhand “Dehradun, Haridwar and Rishikesh and is near from all three towns. UGTE family restaurant is a well-furnished restaurant to offer a buffet, take away and ala cart service

Perfect location for all occasion.

Multi-cuisine restaurant:  is the delicious food serving restaurant. Our multi-cuisine restaurant location is suitable for all types of dining occasions. We have a multi-cuisine Restaurant in Rishikesh. In our Restaurant, we serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, which includes North Indian, South Indian, Tandoor, Chinese, food court, our beverages include mock tail drinks.

Buffet/ Parties & Catering Arrangements

Ugte family restaurant is a well-furnished restaurant in Rishikesh near the Nepali farm which provides you a proper table arrangement for serving a buffet. At Ugte, you will find a single side buffet arrangement serving a large group of people is perfect for birthday parties, business gatherings, weddings, or any occasion.

Our Catering & buffet service provides large varieties in menu considering national & international customers. Our buffet service is fully equipped to serve assortments of beverages, various starters, all main courses of veg and nonveg, selections of desserts & all kinds of finger foods as desired by our valuable customers. Our Buffet service provides a showcase for elegant dishes for every course from appetizers through desserts. We organize various theme buffets to enhance and match the various occasions of our clients.

Features of Catering & buffet service.

  • Our Buffet tables get timely and regularly replenished to remain attractive during service.
  • We ensure our buffet table remains more practical and less showy so customers can benefit & enjoy more.
  • Quality food, taste, and hygiene remain on our top priority at all times.
  • Due to our expertise, experience & careful planning in large catering and buffet service is the key to manage a large groups of people very comfortably.
  • We assist & organize various décor & theme to create a comfortable environment for our dinners.
  • We provide multiple stacks of service ware, glassware, cutlery & plate ware.

Banquette / Meeting halls.

We have two Party halls fully equipped for entertaining any age group, local or national guests. Our expertise are in Birthday parties, kitty parties, Wedding receptions, fine dining, bridal showers, ring ceremony, corporate parties, or business meetings and many more event.

Feature of our Banquette /Meeting halls

  • Luxurious Décor, spacious hall are outfitted with soft pleasing interiors & fixtures.
  • Our Buffet restaurant offer innovative menu & diverse food choices.
  • Vibrant, lively and fun space that is suitable for all types of dining occasions.
  • Excellent choice for entertaining our entire guest, we provide greater freedom, comfort, homely felling and more privacy to our guest.
  • The sound system & multiple lights color schemes up the ceiling setting the perfect mood for your unforgettable event & golden memories.

à la carte Service (Ordering individual dishes from the menu):

 We have plenty of selections of veg and nonveg dishes in our menu to offer to our guests. We offer Indian (north and south dishes), Chinese, Tandoor, Continental, fast food, and local traditional food.

Features of la carte Service

Our guest has plenty of choices to choose exactly what they want for each part of your meal, without any restriction.

  • Plenty of selection allows our customers to mix and match all menu items to their preference.
  • Our menu selection allows our customers to choose food as per their budget without any extra Burdon in their pockets.


We also offer the Thali concept created to provide a healthy, seasonal nutritionally balanced meals in the budget of all class customers.

  • The dishes of our Thali are planned in a manner to provide nutritionally balanced meals to all customers.
  • Our Thali provides varieties, flavors, and textures to our dinners.
  • Thali concept helps to reduce food wastage and helps to provide fresh seasonal healthy, nutritional balance choices.

We offer the Choice of following Thalis:-

  • Vegetarian Thali.
  • Non-Vegetarian Thali.
  • Regular Thali.
  • Special Thali.

Vegetarian Thali. A portion of Rice, a portion of  Paneer Sabji, Dal, 4 Tawa roti or 3 Tandoor Roti, Pickle & salad.

Non-Vegetarian Thali: A portion of Rice, a portion of  Chicken Curry, Dal, 4 Tawa roti or 3 Tandoor Roti, Pickle & salad.

Special Vegetarian Thali: a portion of Jeera  Rice,  Paneer Sabji, Dal, 4 Tawa roti or 3 Tandoor Roti, Pickle, Raita, Papad, salad, and Gulab Jamun.

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